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This Can't Be Possible

Creatures like this don't really exist, but here they are moving around in your world. There has to be some kind of explanation for all of this.


The New Realm Begins

Your hands are tingling again, they have been doing this off and on again for weeks, but this is different, a feeling more akin to the pins and needles that happen when you’ve fallen

asleep on your arm. Suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your temples and your eyes grow blurry. In the distance you think you see what looks like ball lightning or an electrical transformer exploding, but there is nothing like that here in the city park, yet the piercing light remains. Is something walking out from it? Ugh you can hardly see, yet alone think through the pain in your head. Suddenly the light is gone and the night returns. The pain in your head subsides as quickly as it came. You hear shuffling in the darkness ahead and breathing, deep raspy breathing. Your eyes squint as you struggle to see the form shambling closer to you. Your hands burn like fire as it approaches, the pain increasing. From the darkness the creature lunges. Blue fire erupts from your fingertips as you raise your arms to shield you from the dark creature which instantly turns to ash that the soft wind blows onto your sweat dampened skin. You collapse to your knees, dizzy and suddenly drained of energy. The darkness envelops you again as does the smell of charred flesh and hair. What is happening? Am I losing my mind? Suddenly a hand softly touches your shoulder, and you hear that voice for the first time. The voice that changed your life forever.

girl in a forest.png

“It’s always startling at first, but it gets easier over time, trust me. The light you saw that looked like some crazy portal to another realm, was in fact, well, a portal to another realm. I know it sounds crazy but so is blue fire shooting from your hands, right? I think an explanation is in order but first let me introduce myself. They call me the story teller and I was once in the exact same place you are right now, but without anyone around to explain everything to me. You see I was the first person to see all of this. I was there when the first portal opened, and unfortunately for me, I fell right through it. I ended up in a forest, nothing too strange about that, well except for the fact that I had been in a science facility a moment before, oh and that I was surrounded by vicious looking creature’s strait out of a fantasy book. Lucky for me, that’s when he showed up. The creatures ran in terror, leaving just the two of us. His name was Pelor, and he told me exactly what I’m about to tell you. Humans from our realm are very powerful beings, much more powerful than we think. We have the power to manifest our thoughts into reality, something to do with the electromagnetic field that is created between our minds and our hearts. In our realm, or at least on the earth portion of it, this power is usually cancelled out by the strength of the electromagnetic field of the earth itself, so generally nothing of note happens. Unbeknownst to us however there are more dimensions than just earth, and these manifestations don’t just disappear, rather they end up traveling through the thin membrane between dimensions and populate whole worlds. Similar thoughts attract similar thoughts and create manifestations that coalesce into what is known as realms. Whole different worlds of fantasy, the stuff of dreams. These realms are kept separate from our realm by these membranes between dimensions and everything is balanced and perfect, or at least it was. Humans have a bad habit of interfering with the natural balance of things. In this case, some of us humans wanted to dig deeper into the secrets of reality by using a machine called the Hadron Collider. I was one of those humans. In April of 2022 myself and my colleges turned that machine back on, and at a greater power than we had ever used before. Looking back, it was clearly too much power. We weakened the membrane between our realm and these fantasy realms. This caused the first tear, or portal, the one I fell through, and now every so often another tear occurs, and things get through. Like the creature you just saw, but that’s not all. The weakened membrane also allows some of us to be able to start manifesting things into reality in this world. It’s what Pelor calls magic, and it’s what you just manifested to defend yourself. It can do more than just that of course and the more you practice your focus the more you can do. Pelor wants us to help to close these portals and set things right, if that’s even possible, but at the very least lest he wants us to stop the unnatural creatures from destroying our realm, a place where they don’t belong. You can try to ignore all of this, but I promise you that the magic isn’t going away. I have been tasked to be your guide if you choose to learn to control your magic and help to contain the damage caused by the mixing of the realms. I’ll give you some time to let all of this sink in, but I will be checking up on you again from time to time. For now, you should be able to at least use the fire to protect you if another creature shows up again. Also, if you bend your fingers into a triangle like this and slow your thoughts you should be able to bring up a shield that will protect you from some magic. Best of luck until we meet again, oh and get some rest, you’ll need it."

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